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          sòng bạc ma cao phim


          some 1400 Book Reviews
          Travelogues wandering the world
          I Blog living in Oxford
          Free Software politics & advocacy
          Gamelan in Australia and New Zealand
          Web Design tips and hints
          Anthropology resources
          Pathologically Polymathic Blog
          Reading Notes
          friends, acquaintances, & other People
          Personal information (contact details)
          occasional Poetry and Mad Ideas
          collected Quotes and Humour

          News and Updates

          I blog intermittently at Oxford Blog and post links to my link blog Pathologically Polymathic (also available on Facebook and Twitter).

          While in the UK I've visited Western Turkey, Switzerland and East Africa.

          I've built a $150 computer as a "smart NAS" to hold our backups. I've built a quiet computer for Camilla and got myself an Acer Aspire One netbook.

          I have a new site for travelogues. Photos and stories from trips to Hong Kong, Beijing and Vietnam + Cambodia are now complete. A travelogue from Brittany is partly completed.

          I've updated my Mongolia trip report (2005), adding an account of our experiences during Naadam.

          Writeups of old trips to Barrington Tops and Corang Peak and Lagoon. Photos and notes from a return to the Box Vale Track.

          A quiz: Which languages have over 100 million native speakers?

          Miscellaneous: You can support my book habit by buying through Amazon, Amazon UK or sòng bạc ma cao phim. And I have a privacy policy.